Thought: Working?

So, my first year at college is officially over now. I am done being a freshman. But I’m still here at college. Looking for a job. I have absolutely no money to my name and absolutely no idea of how to deal with my life right now. I guess I should have saved some money but I didn’t and now I’m extremely broke. Thank goodness my bank account isn’t negative but that doesn’t mean I’m okay. I have like less than 9 dollars in my account but that’s alright. So much for I should save like 100 dollars to keep my account in decent shape. Maybe I should figure out how to save money… But more importantly, I have two job opportunities waiting for me right now. Tomorrow, I have and interview at Mail Services at the University Center. It will be my first interview in a while and I really hope I get that job. Then on Thursday, I have an interview at our IT Service on campus.

Funny story about the IT Service job. This past Friday, when I was in the bathroom, my roommate, Y came banging on the door so excited to tell me the news. T , my current housemate, got a call for an interview at IT. I was excited for her, BUT YA KNOW, I WAS KINDA IN THE MIDDLE OF MY OWN BUSINESS. Once I got out, they asked me if I got a call yet. Of course, I did not. To be a hundred percent honest, I was a bit jealous. And by a bit I mean like only 12% jealous. Why? Because it sucks being not an option. But I’m okay. If it wasn’t meant to be, then it wasn’t meant to be. Plus, I still had other options for me, like parking service and mail services. So I wasn’t even upset. Just a bit jealous. Anyways, fast forward to after T went to do an interview for IT already and the day after that, which is today. So just another thing, my other housemate also already works at IT. She texted us in the group chat and said that THEY CALLED ME BUT I DIDN’T PICK UP. Yep. That sounds accurate. Apparently they called on Friday, but I didn’t pick up and my voicemail is also not set up so they couldn’t even leave me a message. So I had to adult and call them back asking if they wanted to do an interview with me. Yay… (That was sarcasm.)

To be honest, I don’t really want to work at IT, just because it is a lot harder than mail and it seems like a lot of pressure on me. I have to be somewhat adulty and how can I be adulty when I still make up words like adulty? Point proven. I only applied because my friend asked me to and plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have that option to fall back on. But I don’t know what to do. Hopefully, I don’t do well on the interview. Wait. What do I mean hopefully. I probably won’t do well on the interview. I’m not a very charismatic person when people first meet me. Actually, I’m not very charismatic at all. I’m really awkward and shy and when I first do things, I lack a lot of confidence. I’m not good at making first impressions. Well, at least professional first impressions. Around my people, if I meet someone new, I’m better at being more likable? Maybe. AM I EVEN A LIKABLE PERSON IN THE FIRST PLACE?

I’m getting a little super off topic now, but anyways. Got some job interviews this week. Hopefully I do good. FIGHTING! (For those who aren’t very “koreaboo life”, Koreans say fighting as a form of encouragement.)

Signing off/ stressing about my possible first job,



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