Thought: What is my next project?

So lately, I’ve been picking up new little hobbies to do. Like, learning guitar, painting, sewing, growing succulents, and my last project was crocheting. I haven’t mastered them of course but I’ve dabbled enough that I’m at a point where I just don’t really know what to do anymore and also because I got bored of it. Maybe my next project is to run. Or exercise. I wish it was because I wanted to get more fit, but it’s really just because I’m bored. But I don’t think that I will enjoy running as much as everything else because everything I’ve done so far has been calming activities. Maybe I will try something else… but what will I decide to do? I don’t know…

Maybe I should try to decorate cupcakes… I’ve been meaning to go back and learn how to pipe a rose on a cupcake. It’s been like, I don’t know, a year (maybe two) since I’ve actually baked cupcakes on my own accord so I can decorate them. But of course, not right now. I need to get a job first so I can pay for my own baking stuff. I want to buy 2 new cupcake tins. Like nice ones. Just because it’ll be nice to have them. Sighhh.. I really wish I had a job. Smh. I really do need a job so I can get money to pay for my hobbies.

I should also try to save money so I can also buy a skateboard and learn how to do that. Maybe I should buy a longboard. I don’t even know. Maybe I should just invest in a bike instead. I like bikes.

ANYWAYS, what else am I going to do? I should just get a job as my new hobby.

With much lostness in myself. -PK


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