Thought: Am I important? What am I to people?

Sometimes I wonder just exactly how much I mean to the world sometimes. Like if I ever just packed up and left, would anyone feel an empty void in their life? Would they try to find me? Sometimes, I wonder if people are better off without having ever met me. Am I a burden to people? Or am I a gift? I wouldn’t know. I have never gathered up the courage to ask anyone. Also because I don’t want to seem like “that” type of person. Of course, I don’t think I’m “that” type of person. I keep these sort of thoughts to myself because I don’t want other people to think of me in a different light than what I’ve already established. But sometimes, I wonder, just exactly do I mean to some people? Rarely do I feel like someone needs me. Am I really looking for validation through whether or not I am needed by people? This is my insecurity, I guess. I’m scared that I will never be useful to the ones who I want to help the most.

Be a strong person. Even though I have this “fear/insecurity”, I shall never truly feel like I am not good enough. I will always be good the way I am. I still have room for improvement but I am not completely helpless. I am aight.

Stay Gucci. -PK


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